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Issue #3957 wontfix

Import an existing repository $ signs stop me from copy pasting

Marton Bodonyi
created an issue

Hi great service and great site, recommended a few of my friends and have been very pleased.

In the 'Import an existing repository' text box where the commands for doing things like git remote add origin etc for the specific repo are, the $ signs stop me from being able to copy and paste the entire chunk on Mac OS X. Basically terminal returns with -Bash $ command not found.

The alternative is copy pasting line by line, but if there's a way of getting around this that'd be great!



Comments (1)

  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Marton,

    Glad you are enjoying the service.

    I believe that you are talking about our documentation?

    We show the $ so that folks will realize we mean you should do it on the command line.



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