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I'm happy so far, but I wanted to say I think it is misleading to say: "you can import all of your existing source code from Subversion directly into Bitbucket". On close inspection, for subversion, you only import the head - not the whole repo, which is the whole point of a repo! And the link in: "We recommend reading the blog entry,"Goodbye Subversion, Hello Mercurial: A Migration Guide" to learn about best practices when migrating to DVCS from Subversion." Is not the best place to start. It took me another hour of research to find the best practices for us with Windows32, so I think it would be much better if you could link to a faq/support page where you summarise best options for different situations.

FYI, we found this was best for us - great recent tutorial with screenshots: http://nicobo.net/articles/migrating-subversion-mercurial



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  1. Justen Stepka

    Sorry for any confusion and thanks for the feedback Eric. We'd like to provide a full conversion for users, however the amount of processing power needed make this difficult.

    That said, we are working toward building an offline tool that will allow you process the entire revision history locally and then upload to Bitbucket. This tool will be released shortly after the mid-way point of the year.

  2. EricWoods reporter

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    I can appreciate your reasons, and its great you are making a tool. This addresses part of my concern. The other parts of my concern were:

    - That advertising bitbucket as being able to do this automatically is misleading - I have to do it myself. So I am suggesting to change that wording (details in my previous message). - The the link you refer people to for Subversion to Mecurial is not very helpful to many users - it is too complex and not suited to Windows systems - it has taken us many hours to research and try various methods, some of which have failed. In the end it was a very simple 3-step process for us (win32): - Install Tortise Hg. - Open Tortise Hg -> Global Settings -> Extensions -> Tick "convert" -> OK. - hg convert https://plugnauth.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/plugnauth - Note: If you have problems, or have a large repository, you might want to make a local svn mirror first and use that - see http://nicobo.net/articles/migrating-subversion-mercurial



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