Git pull requests should trigger the POST service (BB-4147)

Issue #3985 resolved
Andrew Elster created an issue

Service brokers, like POST, only trigger on pushes. It would be nice if a major event like merging a pull request also triggered services.

This is a major pain for integrating repositories with JIRA. Unless JIRA is told to force sync with the repository, it is never notified of commits that were merged in via a pull request.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Andrew,

    I am pretty sure that if your pull request requires a merge to complete then we do trigger the service hooks.

    However it may be the case that if we can just pull the changes without a merge that we don't actually execute the hooks. Do you know if this is the case with the pull request you noticed this on?



  2. Andrew Elster reporter

    That could be the case. Do you expose any configuration for git to turn fast forward merges? You can see by the attached picture that a merge commit is generated on an accepted pull request and I would expect that commit to trigger a post.

  3. Dylan Etkin
    • changed status to open

    Hi Andrew,

    We will investigate the problem. It may take us a bit to get to it but it will make it into an iteration soon.



  4. Hunter Nield

    How is the progress of this coming along? Its quite an important enhancement for us. None of our services get updates when we merge a pull request.

  5. Dave Lowe

    this is important for us too - i would expect merge commits to behave the same as regular commits?

  6. Steven Anderson

    As all the guys are saying above..."This is important for us". We need this enhancement so bitbucket hooks in to our continuous integration. Are there any updates on this?

  7. Steven Anderson

    Just accepted a pull request on one of our repositories and went to Jenkins to manually schedule a build... What did I see when I got there? The build had already been scheduled! Automatically! By bitbucket! Awesome!

    Thanks for the fix!

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