error: unable to find <Last Commit>

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Mike Han
created an issue

Hi me and my colleagues are working on a private git repo. It seems to be broken or something.

Everytime I try to pull I get the error that

{{{ error: unable to find <Last Commit's SHA> fatal: object <Last commit's SHA> not found }}}

It doesn't matter which commit it is. It doesn't matter how many times my colleague push new commits. The last one always get the error on pull and the pull gets aborted.

The repo is at

Can anyone help me out here?

I have managed to make a fork out of it. So the object is definitely there. Is there some kind config that's screwing it up?

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Mike,

    I am guessing that someone rewrote history with a force push.

    You will all need to perform a force pull or pull -f to get the new history.

    You may want to ask around and see if/why someone rewrote your history without telling the rest of you.

    If that is not what is happening then I think we should try to handle this through We may need to ask for private information to help track the problem down.



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