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Issue #3999 invalid

Navigational improvements

Siddhartha Agrawal
created an issue

Hi BitBucket team, First of all, thanks for the great work you are doing.

I have recently begun using BitBucket. I don't have much experience of using open source versioning and collaboration tools. From this newbie point of view, there are 2 navigational improvements that I would like to suggest: 1. Have an easier way to browse the directories of a repository. Currently if I want to see all the files in any directory, there seems to be no direct link on the repo home. One can go to commits, click on the name of any file, then see the directory structure broken down by path tokens and be able to click each token to see the files in that directory.

  1. There is also no "list" or "contents" of wiki pages. If the assumption is that wiki owners should create the links to inner pages from the home wiki, then it's okay but again, not obvious. One would expect to see a list of the wiki pages in the repository.

Again, thanks for the efforts.


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