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Issue #4002 resolved

Allow users to set the flag denyNonFastForwards on Git repositories (BB-4149)

Dylan Etkin
created an issue

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Comments (12)

  1. Kane Zhu

    I think it's a critical one, we need a way to protect our repositories never broken by unintentional commits.

    Git has some learning cruves, it's difficult to let every memebers fully understand kinds of git usage. And it does NOT make sense to squash, amend even eliminate pushed/published commits. It will cause inconsistent state in distributed repos.

    And it should be default behavior(deny non fast-forward commits) of git repo in bitbucket.

    Do you know any workaround of it? How about re-pushing my repo to an empty repository with 'denyNonFastForwards' flag in my local repository?


  2. Dylan Etkin reporter

    I do not know of any work-arounds that you can use.

    The config we store on the server does not get written to by local repos.

    I can tell this is important to you but I will be honest, I do not think we will be implementing this in the short-term future.



  3. Kane Zhu

    Hi Dylan,

    I see.

    Could you give me a measurable 'short-term future', it means several weeks, several months, half a year or even longer?


  4. Dylan Etkin reporter

    I will be honest, I know it won't happen in the next 3-4 months, we are just swapped with what we are currently trying to do.

    After that it is hard to say. If there is a lot of interest on this issue it will make a difference but this is the first time the feature has been requested. So I am not sure there is a wide-spread desire for this.



  5. Caleb Shortt

    Is there any new news on this ticket? This has become an issue with my company as well and we are looking at alternatives to BitBucket because of it.

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