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Issue #4008 closed

service POST should be able to receive the diff of changesets (BB-4160)

eduardo schettino
created an issue

i guess it shouldn't be hard because the "email diff" service/broker already includes the diff content.

Comments (5)

  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    Diffs have arbitrary sizes, which quickly gets us into trouble with a service like that. When somebody pushes up a fresh copy of the linux repo, the combined diffs would amount to many tens (if not hundreds) of gigabytes. It would also put a serious performance burden on us for having to compute all this.

    As a result, implementing this would also require us to truncate the contents of the body, which in turn would diminish the usefulness of this.

    Note that when you need diffs or any other extra information for a push, you can just reach out to the various APIs.

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