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Issue #4012 wontfix

Symlinks are not followed when encountered in a host repository (BB-4165)

Kevin Cox
created an issue

When you upload a symbolic link to the webhosting it just displays it as a text file with the target of the link as it's contest. I would like to link user.bitbucket.org/docs/latest to the latest version. I could use a redirect but this seems more elegant because bookmarks will always point to the latest docs.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Kevin,

    I am not sure I completely understand what you are asking for here.

    Are you saying you would like us to make our source browser automatically follow symbolic links in repositories?



  2. Kevin Cox reporter

    By webhosting I mean setting up static pages at ${username}.bitbucket.org. I would expect symbolic links in the repository to be resolved when displaying as a webpage.

    So, if I have a link "latest" that points to "1.0" I would expect navigating to "latest/file.html" to return the file found at "1.0/file.html".

  3. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Kevin,

    After discussing this a bit with the team we feel like this might be a security hole that we are not willing to expose.

    We worry that someone might create a symbolic link that resolves to outside their repo. We could try to guard against this but it's easiest to just not support it.

    I hope you understand, cheers,


  4. Norman S.

    Hi, thanks for keeping security in mind. Could anyone suggest me something like symlinks for the bitbucket-repo?

    In my Repo (on my local linux-machine) I am using several symlinks (symbolic links). I use them for referencing my global configuration or to point to a special variation of it. (If I would make a copy instead of linking, it would turn into chaos.)

    Therefore symlinks (or something similar) to directories and files in the same repo would be a useful.

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