Limit rendered width of README to improve readability (BB-10711)

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André Thieme
created an issue

In some readmes I count over 30 words in one line. Look at several blogging plattforms, and see how they average at around 20 words per line. Please increase the font size by a bit for the readmes displayed on the Overview tab, and reduce the words per line by increasing the margins on the left and right side.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Andre,

    We are working on a change to our UI but the fonts and sizes that we use are specifically chosen to provide a holistic experience on Bitbucket.

    We may end up changing our font and its size when we rework the UI but for now we will leave it.

    Thanks for reporting and understanding, cheers,


  2. André Thieme reporter
    • changed status to open

    Now with the new fluid design this is a regression. Again the text of the readme can span a lot of width per line, which makes reading harder. Please compare with and see how readable this is.

    I would like to argue for a width limitation of rendered readmes on the overview page. For code the wide fluid layout makes very much sense. For readmes it reduces the readability.

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