Issue #4023 resolved

Edit "icon" not working

Sebastian Krysmanski
created an issue

On a ticket, there's an "edit icon" (pencil) right beside the issue headline. However, clicking on it doesn't work and it also has no tooltip what it should do.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Sebastian,

    The edit is working for me.

    What browser are you seeing this on?

    Once you click the pencil the summary text should turn yellow and you should be able to edit the text in-place. Hitting enter will submit the change.



  2. David Chambers

    In some browsers (most notably Firefox), clicking the pencil does not have the intended effect. Clicking into the text does work, though. I'll be the first to admit that this is far from ideal.

    If anyone reading this thread enjoys writing JavaScript to make inconsistently behaving browser features usable, feel free to fork davidchambers/contenteditable and make a fix.

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