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Issue #4034 resolved

Cannot clone isokeys.git

Tuning Bell
created an issue

This is all I see in Eclipse (egit):

Exception caught during execution of fetch command.

The following command just hangs:

git clone https://tuningbell@bitbucket.org/tuningbell/isokeys.git

This has worked in the past, and cloning from Sourceforge still works. So I think there is a problem on your end.

Thanks, Dave

Comments (2)

  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Tuning Bell,

    I took a look on disk and it seems like your repository is in fine shape.

    Can you try to run the fetch with Git command line (so we can rule out bugs in eclipse) and include the -v flag.

    If it still does not work can you please send the output of that command to support@bitbucket.org.



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