Create new wiki page when following link to unknown/non-existant page (BB-4238)

Issue #4046 resolved
Adrien Saladin
created an issue


With "141a2d1d8dbd | bitbucket01" when I try to open an unknown wiki page I get a 404 error instead of an opportunity to create a new page.

It seems that the only way to create a new page now is to clone the repository and create the page locally.

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Hi Adrien,

    You can create a new wiki page by clicking the + New link just above any page in your wiki. But, this might be a good way to give you the option to create a new page like more traditional wiki's. I'll raise an internal review and see what we can do about this. I'm not sure if it will be possible to do anything in the mean time though and you should be able to use the New link.

  2. Joe Cardella

    Whether I use +New link, or the clone wiki feature, it seems more often than not the process fails. New pages I've created through cloning often fail to be available, same with +New.

  3. Anonymous

    Weird thing is, when I first started using bitbucket this DID work. Then one day an update happened and it gave 404 error instead of the option to create the page for the link you just clicked on.

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