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Issue #4067 duplicate

Clone wiki repos with Git using SSH - not working

Janghwan Kim
created an issue

I'm having the same problem with #4036, but the same approach did not work :(

I've made a public key, registered it to bitbucket. \ Both ssh and https method works fine for the source category. However, for the wiki category, only the https works and ssh fails with {{{ fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly }}}

Here are the addresses I've used: source-https: {{{https://jangxyz@bitbucket.org/jangxyz/notifier.git}}} source-ssh: {{{git@bitbucket.org:jangxyz/notifier.git}}} wiki-https: {{{https://jangxyz@bitbucket.org/jangxyz/notifier.git/wiki}}} wiki-ssh (doesn't work!): {{{git@bitbucket.org:jangxyz/notifier.git/wiki}}}

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