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Issue #4071 wontfix
Barend Bootha
created an issue

As a bit bucket user when I view commits it shows all the commit dates as X Days ago. For usability, when the commit is more than a week old it would be more beneficial displaying a full date. So that I can quickly locate the commits on a specific date rather than calculating (current date - X days ago)


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  1. David Chambers

    Thanks for your feedback, @Barend Bootha. I share your view that relative timestamps are useful for recent events but that absolute timestamps are preferable beyond a certain point. The question is where the line should be drawn. You suggest seven days; we went with 30 days. No matter where the line is drawn there will be those who say it should be moved in one direction or the other. In an attempt to please everyone we include title text on each date/time which disclose the full date and time in one's local time zone.

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