Wrong link on preview window of new issues page

Issue #4078 duplicate
Janghwan Kim
created an issue

on a new issues page ({{{/issues/new}}}), \

the {{{#preview}}} window below the textarea shows links containing paths to {{{/issues}}} instead of {{{/wiki}}}, when added by ~page markup.

For instance, if i make a link to the Welcome wiki page, \ as of writing it generates a link to https://bitbucket.org/site/master/issues/Welcome instead of {{{/wiki/Welcome}}} path.

However, it behaves correctly -- links to {{{/wiki/Welcome}}} -- once I save the content and see the result. I was very confused the first time when writing the Issue, because I wasn't sure it would link to the wiki (as I intended) or to the issue. Maybe I wasn't the only one who was confused..? :)

Other than that, I highly recommend the preview window. I think we should have more of them, everywhere. The current preview button is too slow for a quick check up.

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