Branches and tags with slashes in their name (BB-527)

Issue #408 resolved
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If you use a naming convention where branches and tags are grouped using the standard directory separator, slash or '/', they cannot be linked to by their name, but must be linked to using the hexadecimal checksum identifier.

On a slightly related note, it would be nice if those groupings where combined to a hierarchy in the web UI. I use BitBucket for hosting full-history mirrors of some LLVM repositories, and the numerous Apple version tags clutter the list.

Other than those minor issues, I must say that I find your services to be excellent and very reasonably priced. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the holidays!

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  1. Nicolas Venegas

    Most URLs should now accept branch names with a / in them.

    However, URLs for specific commits, e.g.,

    • /:user/:repo/commits/:commit and
    • /:user/:repo/commits/:commit/raw

    don't accept branch names with a / in them.

  2. Daniel Lenski

    @Nicolas Venegas, this still does not seem to work for /src URLs.

    For example, I have found no way to link to a file at the tip of a specific branch whose name contains a slash :-1:
  3. Daniel Lenski

    Thanks, @paul irish, absolutely! (Didn't know about your git-open project before, but it looks excellent… I've been trying to develop some more limited in-house code for linking to specific branches, and ran into the same problem.)

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