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Issue #4080 invalid

Modify issuetracker preview bheaviour (BB-4308)

Alessandro Lensi
created an issue

When you write an issue you may not remember the nickname of all you teammates.

Let's assume the your teammate nickname is "TeamMate" Il would be great if in the preview, when you write down teammate, would appear as a link only if user teamMate exist on bitbucket.

In this case, assuming no user has the nick teamMate, i should see in the preview no clickable link.

It would be greater if you made it a link only if this is really a guy who works with you in the repo you are posting the issue.

But i will be happy anyway with the first solution.

Sorry for my poor english.

Comments (4)

  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Hi Alessandro,

    It sounds like this could use some improvement. I'll open an issue for it internally for a new feature. I can't guarantee that it will be done though. Thanks for the info!

    Cheers, Marcus

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