Smalltalk syntax highlighting (BB-4345)

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Daniel Lyons created an issue

I have a repo which contains exports from Cuis 4.0 in .pck format, which is essentially the Squeak file-out format. I'd appreciate it if I could get syntax highlighting. Just a would-be-nice-someday kind of thing.

Assuming you can see private repos, fusiongyro/Cuis is one with this content in it. You can also see what this might look like on Github here:

Looks a little weird there, to be honest, the string quoting seems to be messed up.

Thanks for your time!

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  1. Daniel Lyons reporter

    The language is Smalltalk. Squeak file-outs have a bit more syntax than vanilla Smalltalk, as you can see from the provided link. In practice, if you're using someone else's syntax highlighting library, if it supports Smalltalk it will probably do the right thing.


  2. Marcus Bertrand staff


    We support Smalltalk syntax highlighting already, but currently only for .st files. Are you looking for us to highlight based on .pck?

  3. Marcus Bertrand staff
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    Thanks for the clarification. We'll get it under review and update this issue when we have more info.

  4. Marcus Bertrand staff

    As this would be controlled by the pygments library, I would advise requesting they add support for it. At this point, we won't be able to do anything else unless/until they do so and we pick it up in an upgrade. Sorry for that, here is their site:

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