add option to disallow anons in issue tracker (BB-530)

Issue #410 resolved
Chris Rebert created an issue

There should be an option in the issue tracker settings to disallow anonymous issue submissions and comments.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    This is the one problem with BitBucket that makes it hard for me to convince people to buy into it. If people can post anonymous bug reports, and given that initial bug reports are almost always useless until you can solicite more information about the problem, and when they are anonymous that is impossible, anonymous bug reports are fundamentally a bad thing.

  2. Nev Delap

    That comment was me, in FireFox (not logged into BitBucket) where I was seeing if the problem had been addressed. This is me back in Chrome where I use BitBucket, just putting my name against the comment since I'd inadvertently complained about Anonymous anonymously.

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