difficulties trying to import google code repository (BB-4429)

Issue #4129 closed
Jaime Hablutzel
created an issue

Hi, I think that the remote mercurial URL should be editable, because if you generate the URL from the name of the project in google code this is impossible to get the correct URL, for example try with this repository:


Try to import it from bitbucket and the URL you will get from bitbucket UI is:


whilst the only one that works is:


I had to use firebug to hardcode the value in the input field

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  1. Jaime Hablutzel reporter

    First, inspect the read only "URL" html input element (Using Firebug/Chrome dev tools/IE dev tools) and remove the "readonly" attribute.

    Then copy your repo mercurial URL directly, it could be something like this "https://code.google.com/p/chamilo.classic/", ignore the fact that appears the message "No repository exists at that URL.", then just go ahead and press "Import repository", it will take sometime but it seems to be working for me.

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