have default "open" issues filter sort by priority (BB-4432)

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I'd like to have my default "open" filter on the issues tracker sort by priority (highest to lowest). Is this possible? I think it makes more sense than the current scheme which seems to sort by time last edited. When I'm looking at issues to start working on, by definition higher priority ones are what I should be looking at first.

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  1. fhriley reporter
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    Yes, I know a bookmark will work, and I mean no offense, but that's not a good solution. Suppose I'm interacting with a repository. I click on an issue, click through some links as I'm gathering info, and then I want to go back to the issues list. With a good UI, I should be able to click the issues tab and be right back to my issues right there sorted in the default way I expect. With your solution, I leave your UI, and click my bookmark to get back to my issues. Ok, that's only a mild inconvenience. However, let's say I regularly interact with 5 repositories, or 10. Now I have 10 bookmarks I have to wade through and make sure I pick the right one! And each time I'm leaving your UI. That's a pain in the ass.

    I'm setting this back to new so it will be reviewed again with my justification. If you still deem it's not worth implementing, I won't reopen it, but I do think you should give some thought to adding some sort of "settings" the user can make for the default issues listing.

  2. Marcus Bertrand staff
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    Thanks for the extra information. While the issue tracker is meant to be incredibly lightweight, it could always use some love. We hope to improve the UI a bit in the future and I'll add this to the list of "nice to haves" for when that eventually gets done.

  3. Dylan Etkin

    Hi fhriley,

    Some folks do like the default sort order for open. We are going to leave it that way for now.

    If we ever implement saved filters then this should sort you out.



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