Unable to remove Issues service

Issue #4136 resolved
Toby Griffiths
created an issue

It doesn't seem possible ro remove the issues service.

Tried removing it from the 'Services' page, but it's still appearing.

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  1. Toby Griffiths reporter

    (Reply via to...@cubicmushroom.co.uk):

    The service is de-listed in the services page (also after page refresh) but still appears as a tab & pages in the admin area.

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  2. Martin Weissbach

    I am currently experiencing the same issue as described above. In the list of added services on the services page of my repository, nothing happens when I click on the "x"-button to remove the service. I tried with Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari (latest version each) and experienced the same issue on all three browsers.

    I created a duplicate Issue Service in the first place and cannot remove it now from the list.

  3. Brian Edwards staff

    Hi Martin, I do notice behavior similar to what you describe. Enabling/disabling issues on a repository automatically enables/disables the issues service. Still you should be able to manually disable the issue service while keeping issues enabled. I will look into this some more and come up with a fix.

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