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Issue #4139 resolved

Can't add a GIT repo to JIRA using the DVCS plugin

Tony Atkins
created an issue

The URL displayed by the web interface for a git repo (for example, https://duhrer@bitbucket.org/banga/banga.git) returns a 404 when you try to load it (although "git clone URL" does work).

If you paste that URL into the DVCS plugin for JIRA to add a new repo, the add fails.

Our instructions for the DVCS plugin don't mention anything special about bitbucket, so if this can be accomplished by other means, it should be mentioned there.

Comments (3)

  1. Tony Atkins reporter

    (Reply via duh...@gmail.com):

    Super fail, man. I would never ask a customer to use a different channel. I'm in the SF office this week and will come by to discuss.

    T On Jun 4, 2012 4:44 PM, "Marcus Bertrand" <issues-reply@bitbucket.org> wrote:

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