Not all changesets appearing in repo?

Issue #414 resolved
created an issue

Repo: tivix/proto

merges: 2

showing: 1

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  1. tivix reporter

    Works, thanks Jesper. Although I have a suspicion it might re-occur when there are only 1-2 changesets. But I wouldn't know now since I have more.

    Just FYI, I am finally a paying customer of bitbucket!!

  2. Jesper Noehr

    I tested with 1-2 changesets, and it worked fine.

    The problem was (technical babble ahead) was that the changeset iterator that we use (which evaluates lazy), iterates over a sequence from (start+1, stop+1) to avoid showing the last cset of page 1 on the top of page 2. Now, this usually works fine, but when start is 0, it does not make sense to start at 1. I just threw in a check that sets start to -1 if start was 0. That made it work, and it should work for all other ranges too.

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