Computer Time vs Server Time

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Beth Crane
created an issue

Our repository says things have been pushed '8 hours from now' because one of our computer's clocks is wrong. Could this just be done by the server, rather than individual users computers?

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    By the nature of Mercurial and Git, this isn't possible. The server isn't present or in a position to validate the user or time when you commit, as this is done locally before being pushed up to the server. There is simply no way to know when someone actually committed relative to the server time. Furthermore, the commit itself is hashed (uniquely id'ed) by including all of the metadata associated with a commit such as your username, email address and a timestamp. The systems are designed to trust that the users committing have configured their local environment properly. Bitbucket simply trusts that same data and calculates information based on this.

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