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Issue #4151 closed

Suggestion for new email functionality in Basecamp (BB-4444)

Scott Farr
created an issue

Hi, the new Basecamp just released a new feature where people can email their projects to create/contribute discussions, todo lists, todos and add files. This requires certain terminology in the subject line of the email. If bitbucket notifications or services had a subject line available in the notifications option, we would be able to notify new Basecamp projects like we could in basecamp classic.

I might not be too clear here, but it seems there is a fairly easy opportunity to get bitbucket to send messages to the new basecamp.


Comments (3)

  1. Charles Naccio

    I was actually just able to get this working for a discussion. I noticed in an email I got about a discussion that the email address for that discussion was unique. I went ahead, and sent a test email to that discussion email address and noticed it posted the commit to the discussion. In the end what I did was create a discussion for my Bitbucket commits, and then setup the email notifications to email the discussion email address.

    The discussion email address will look like the address below. the second portion is the message ID which you can get form the url when browsing to a discussion. The third portion of the email address is the project specific code. You can get this by clicking "Email content to this project..." in the lower right hand corner of a given project. The code is the same in all project email addresses. After you have the address simply go to repository settings within Bitbucket, and add the email server, and plug the discussion email address into. Make a commit to the project to test. Let me know if anyone needs any help with this.


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