GPG signature on commit (BB-4445)

Issue #4152 duplicate
Youichi Kimura
created an issue

gpgsig header appears on changeset page if a commit has GPG signature.

for example:

this show up as: {{{ gpgsig -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)

iQIcBAABCAAGBQJPcnbtAAoJENHmtEpp6upQ7nAQAI9Hi6VhHVI2xtovhbglh2OD l759zHYSG4cRN5eNe2H+KPY6avisgqlQWKOVvd8zq8Byk5a6LbtggZrDzsyP7tkY s3rDfEuh2PmhwEtZxE7nHQnuZLihCD6r4iH5jiB0Jyib3mGXRT7+n0ZH8yU5oWZq 2znoZeW4wEQ88zZCazPsDjiZ2BNY/7FZAaYH1lUaAG09gVXhsn1TOgi8jakBXDI7 /9pjIJA6sIOZr22WBfVjklldcWGHsZEIBm/oyPY0MdVo2J9S25pY6ulkAXsVfZ4z JI4C47Xt3I6MB0+n42gCkCL1TVr2MDMLfKsm8g9IwEAYF+LimfQ3YfNENx59XPdh xNGTJe3/dDCat8QlzV13p+Vt+HpuuCQucsQdNcqJjL85FTgVZhAg1DvGzG1fKaQ0 fbAVD8OhDq/0wFWhHWqFFx69xN8wwABIfSBUfyFB3ywPnOaBI/260SifjDmnVIla 3MVs+BXTCxRUeZc9k8IoVBhU3mvWT6ABzao2OASWgLBRGrubJv8EjmwkVWG70lPO 3gxUqW1IaqhukLBtu/uJ85epwgnvluEkHI6hVWHqWgtHx8R840D469wK59xXKhJD 8/Zi0elzhJi/Uh/+sjAqQdr5t3Vzd6LTC6GOKP9M/wWREwHq0lAqwdNsPkaU03aq H5R1MW2toyr3scnrPDAv =olop -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

first commit }}}

I would expect the following:

{{{ first commit }}}

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  1. Stephen Barr

    Any progress on this? It does not seem like a complicated fix, but would greatly increase usability.

    There are also a few really neat ways that this can be expanded: Have a way to enforce users to gpg sign commits to your repository Have some icons near the commit to show that the commit was signed, and that the signature is verified.

    I think that this is a really open avenue for making some nice improvements.

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