Bitbucket is slowly,but github is fast.

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zhifeng hu
created an issue

Bitbucket is slowly,but github is fast. would you please tune the website, let bitbucket run more faster? or as fast as github.

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  1. Kinematics

    Agree on the horribly slow bit. (can't quite comments on how it compares to github, but this is the most recent issue I found dealing with the site's slowness)

    With FF22 Nightly, switching to a pull request with a lot of changes (several hundred lines) can cause the entire browser to lock up for 10-30 seconds while it tries to load everything. Once loaded, scrolling is smooth.

    With IE9, it loads the comments quickly and doesn't seem to hang while loading the commits, but once the commits are loaded, scrolling is jerky and unresponsive.

    System: Win7 64-bit CPU: i7-2600 RAM: 12 GB

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