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A large number of issues have recently had spam comments added. See for some.

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  1. Anonymous

    There are now at least 160 issues with spam comments, and more are added each day. The issue tracker now looks like the jQuery plugin site did before they gave up and closed it down. Are Bitbucket moving in the same direction?

  2. Marcus Bertrand staff
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    We are still working on the spam issue and hope to have it resolved soon. If you are an administrator of an Issue tracker, you should have access to manually mark an item as spam, which will help us narrow down the cause.

  3. Anonymous

    How about letting anyone flag an issue/comment for review? The current setup puts all the burden of finding spam on the repository admin.

  4. Anonymous

    202 spammed issues and counting, all with similar content. If Altassian take the site seriously, they hide it well.

  5. Marcus Bertrand staff

    We are actively working on this issue. Our apologies if you are seeing "registered user" spam. Please contact support directly at to report suspected spammers.

  6. Marcus Bertrand staff

    The problem of people being able to create spam has been greatly improved, as well as the ability for spammers to do a variety of tasks on the site. Existing comments made before the changes may remain until the repo owner clicks the "spam" link next to the comments in question.

    Any *new* spam should be reported.

  7. Anonymous

    But the spam in the site issue tracker will presumably remain, because BB doesn't care enough to clear them out?

  8. Anonymous

    I would be embarrassed to bring a client to a site that's so obviously neglected by its owners. Many site issues have more spam than meaningful activity. The only people who can clear out the spam (trivial to search for) are Atlassian staff, and they clearly don't care that Bitbucket is overgrown with spam weed.

  9. Marcus Bertrand staff

    To update everyone: We have marked as spam about 1000 plus anonymous issue comments along with preventing a lot of new spam daily. We have also effectively prevented many new spam signups. We are also making numerous under the hood changes to make it more difficult for spammers to add anything to the site.

    I truly wish that finding all the spam was a trivial matter, but there are a lot of issues out there that are in languages that our spam checking mechanism doesn't understand well enough to trust that we won't end up with significant false positives. Therefore, it isn't possible to simply "re-run" everything through the improved spam filter.

    We are still investigating our options to improve this further, but it will take time. The absolute best thing that anyone faced with a spam issue can do is to click the "spam" link. When you click that, we report it to our spam checker and it gets added, and then checked in the future. As it is simply impossible for us to identify all the spam issues from here, we must rely on everyone's help in identifying spam when our safety mechanisms have missed something.

  10. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Additionally, please post on this issue any specific issue which still contains significant spam that hasn't been marked as such. We will look into it and see if we can use some of that data to help eliminate similar spam elsewhere.

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