Pivotal Tracker Service breaks with some special characters in commit message (BB-4471)

Issue #4182 closed
Mike Lehner
created an issue

I have confirmed that Pivotal Tracker does not get updated when the TortoiseGit "Add Signed-off-by" button is used or when an Ampersand (&) is in the comment area.

Removing both of these from the commit and pushing again will immediately update Pivotal Tracker.

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  1. Mike Lehner reporter

    Pivotal Tracker integration is a BitBucket service right? I thought this was a good place to report this issue. Is there a better place to report this?

  2. Wiley Kestner

    This is also true for the string that identifies the "Author" of the commit. If that string contains an ampersand (possibly other special characters as well) then the pivotal tracker post-receive hook will fail. And that is very sad.

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