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Issue #4200 closed

Custom, account-specific brokers (BB-4490)

Brendon Rapp
created an issue

My team would love the ability to write and load our own brokers, making them specific to our team account.

For example, we're moving to Bitbucket from Gitolite, where we had our own HipChat notification, which we like better than the existing HipChat broker. We would love the ability to port this script to a Bitbucket broker, and add it to our account and repos.

We're happy to contribute brokers for the rest of Bitbucket to use, of course, but since it's doubtful Bitbucket would start offering multiple brokers for services like HipChat, it seems unlikely that the status quo will be able to meet our desires.

More importantly, however, we have some use cases where we would love the ability to write a broker that isn't intended for public use (one that communicates with a custom internal tool of ours, for example). The ability to write and load custom brokers specific to our account would go a long way to solving the needs of these use cases.

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