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agnes chang
created an issue

I am in the admin group as part of my team's shared account. Usually only subset of us are responsible for each of the many repo's on the shared account. Currently, however, every single person in the group gets an email notification about issue tracker activities across every repo. This happens regardless of what email addresses we put or don't put in an individual repo's Admin > Issue tracker settings > Notifications.

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  1. agnes chang reporter

    Thanks for investigating! I receive emails directly from, with subject line formatted as [<sharedaccount>/<reponame>] <issuetitle> (issue #<num>)

  2. Nick Fishman

    I can confirm this problem is happening on our team shared account. Everyone gets notification emails on every issue change (creation, comment, close, etc), regardless of whether they are an admin.

    When I go to Issue tracker settings -> Notifications, the list of emails is empty.

    This is remarkably annoying for our team :/

  3. Andrew Riley

    I can confirm this happens on repos/issue trackers with both a default email address setup and without it (it sends it to the entire team regardless). The messages do not have a FWD, they were received directly.

  4. Dennis Jaheruddin

    At the moment our team is working on a big project (1 repository)

    Every member has write access to enable re-assignment for example.

    Now every member gets an email each time an issue is posted or updated, this makes it impossible to identify the relevant emails so you end up checking everything manually ignoring the email notifications.

  5. Dennis Jaheruddin

    Perhaps someone knows a smart filtering rule for these emails?

    Since the cleanup I have received 79 mails of which 3 were meant for me, I am already dumping them all in a separate folder now but this still makes it incredibly hard to see which ones I should actually receive.

    I would prevent these mails all together if I was not afraid to miss something critical.

  6. Sam Skillman

    A few of the projects that I work on would really benefit from having fine-grained control over when notifications are emailed to various lists.

    For example, I'd like to be able have users subscribe to get notified when a pull request is issued, or an issue is raised/updated, and be able to toggle these on and off.

    I'm looking forward to the notification system improvements!

  7. Mark Mukherjee

    I'd just like to add in my 2 cents worth on how critical the improvement on email notification options is. There needs to be a flexibility of options that allow a bitbucket administrator to target notification emails according to the project requirements.

    It is the bane of my existence at the moment, as we have multiple team members working on a multiple projects. We need to be able to have team members who are assigned to a particular project receive only relevant emails related to their project, not emails from every single project, even ones that they are not assigned to.

    I can't emphasize enough how critical this is. We have had to resort to using another product so that we don't have to deal with this issue.

  8. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Another user recently contributed this:

    The notification from an invite should include a link to the profile of the person who has invited them. Additionally, when the new user accepts the request, the sender of that invitation should be notified and some option for those users to follow each other or connect should also be offered.

  9. Paul Clark

    I was recently pretty embarrassed by this sending out lots of e-mails to people who didn't need to be getting them. Is there a way to tell who will be e-mailed by inline comments? The admin? The commiter? All team members? This is a really big deal!

  10. Niels Henrik Hagen

    I would be really happy if my users and I only received notification for repositories we follow, mentions, issues we follow and pull request we participate in. Having write access to a repository as part of a team triggering notifications is a bit overkill to me.

  11. mneuhaus

    I agree, with Niels, that's how i'd expect the Notifications to work!
    Getting all this makes the notification system almost useless, because 90% is
    just background noise that doesn't concern you!

  12. Andy Roberts

    +1 - This is pretty critical and would influence our decision whether to use bitbucket or not. I would really like :
    Batch digest email notifications based on user preference (every commit, hourly, daily, etc)
    Ability to exclude notifications I generated myself
    * View specifically what files were added / modified / deleted within the digest

  13. Pavel Sysolyatin

    It would be nice to disable (optional) notification for new issue created by me and assigned to me. (in creation time) I've already know about new issue because i created it myself.

  14. Olle Dahlström

    Currently we are using Pull Requests in Bitbucket heavily in a team of 40 developers in one main repo. This will generate a lot of notification mails to all developers and since we are working in teams the mails will mostly be a lot of "spam" from other teams pull requests.

    Would love to see this issue being fixed.
    Thanks - Olle

  15. Taron Millet

    It makes no sense to have team members receive e-mail notification when an issue is created that they aren't involved in in any way, nor for the person who made the issue (obviously, if you made it, you know about it, so you don't need an e-mail). Its quite simple really, it doesn't need a big configuration screen, the DEFAULT behavior should be that only users following the issue or assigned to the issue should receive an e-mail when the issue is created or updated, and only if they themselves did not make the change.

  16. Mark Mulder

    Also here to voice my annoyance about this "feature". Please please give us some control over email notifications! I don't need super granular control, but some sort of all/some/none switch at the very least would be greatly appreciated.

  17. Marcus Bertrand staff


    We are working on this and hope to have some more details soon. We know this is a big issue for many of you and we are working to ensure we have the right solution that suits all the situations where you may receive a notification.

    Stay tuned!

  18. Julio Taylor

    Thanks Marcus for the update

    This issue is a complete blocker for our team, we simply cannot work with BitBucket at all if every member of the team is spammed each time there's an issue.

    Look forward to hearing more!

  19. Arunas Prokopas

    Any update on this?
    We are considering moving to bitbucket, but relying on individual email filters is just not worth the effort. At very least you should not get the notifications if you are not following the repository.

    I've looked through the open issues, but have not seen anything that would generate half as much interest as this one. Considering that, may I suggest raising the priority of this issue?

  20. Jay Querido

    We are also looking at switching our studio to BitBucket. This issue is currently a deal breaker. We can't expect everyone in the company to set up email filters, and at the same time we need email notifications for relevant info.

    Please, update us on this... we can't hold off on our transition for svn for too much longer.

  21. Jamon Holmgren

    They say that they're working on it, but yeah, their responsiveness could be better for sure. GitHub for my organization would be about $400/month, considering the number of private repos we use, so I'm willing to work through it for a while.

  22. Taron Millet

    The weird thing is I get the impression they are doing some big complex notification options system, when in reality a quick fix is to just make the default behavior actually make some sense by emulating basically every other similar software out there.

    For example:

    • Whoever wrote the thing (comment, issue, whatever) does not need notification sent to them, for any action.
    • Making a new issue should not notify everyone, it should only notify whomever the issue was actually assigned to (repo owner if it wasn't assigned to anyone).
    • Assigning an issue to someone by editing the issue should notify whomever it was assigned to, and the current assignee of an issue should automatically be notified of any changes or comments on that issue for as long as they are assigned to it, whether or not they are "watching" it (or, alternatively, an assignee should automatically be set to watch an issue until they choose to stop watching it).
    • Commenting on a commit should notify whomever actually made the commit in the first place (I assumed this was how it was already working and was confused how team members never knew I was commenting on their committed changes!).
    • In addition to the above, anyone "watching" an issue or "participating in" a commit comment thread should obviously receive notifications as well.

    This all seems like common sense stuff that can be fixed with a nice series of if statements to me. A large overhaul with lots of options sounds great too but can we at least get it to work like the typical default settings of similar software for the time being?

  23. Алексей Стрелков

    Making a new issue should not notify everyone, it should only notify whomever the issue was actually assigned to (repo owner if it wasn't assigned to anyone).

    Not true. I am managing projects and i need all the notifications about created tickets (except the ones i created, of course). So that has to be optional.

    The same goes about commits.

  24. Fred Drake

    Related to #6069, closed in deference to this:

    We're using bitbucket at work, so I'm involved in a team for work, and also with a number of projects not related to work. I'd love emails related to repositories owned by the work team to come to my work email instead of my personal email. It would make it a lot easier to keep track of what's happening on our projects.

  25. Konrad Podgórski

    As a team administrator I get all notifications without a way to turn them off.

    Footer in each notification says

    You are receiving this either because you are participating
    in a pull request, or you are following it.

    Which is obvious not true

    Fix this

  26. Taron Millet

    EDIT: Argh, nevermind, sincere apologies for spamming everyone here with my big rant, it appears the problem was the repo user I was testing with forgot they had begun filtering ALL e-mails from bitbucket due to the previous spam issue.

    I am now testing again to see what is and is not being notified...

  27. Taron Millet

    Okay upon further testing, it appears nothing has actually changed in this regard other than the e-mails look a lot nicer. Everyone is still being spammed by e-mails related to the issue tracker.

    I'm really very, very sorry for adding to said spam, I thought perhaps the new e-mail style had indicated the system had finally updated and got all excited about it and jumped the gun.

    I still have at least one user that does not receive notifications when I comment on their commits, however I have now confirmed that I DO get notification even on repo's where I am not the owner, so I'm not sure what's different about our account settings (both receive issue tracker notifications though) but it may be an isolated issue rather than systemic.

    I'll shut up now, still hoping this will be fixed for realsies soon!

  28. Ilya Radchenko

    This is still an issue, and is slightly frustrating. The only workaround is using email filters, but even then it's hard to not filter out changes to issues assigned to you.

  29. Taron Millet

    Found a problem while testing these changes with the Issue Tracker:

    When a new issue is created and assigned to someone in the same step, the person it is newly assigned to does NOT receive notification of the new issue, UNLESS they are set to be notified of "All Issues". It sets them to "watch" the issue but they still don't get the e-mail notification that a newly-created issue was assigned directly to them.

    This leaves users with only 2 choices - either get their inbox spammed with e-mails of issues completely unrelated to them, OR don't get any notification at all for new issues being created and assigned directly to them.

    Fortunately, there is a workaround. When you first create an issue, don't assign it to anybody, just make the issue (unless you are assigning it to yourself, then it doesn't matter). Then once its created, Edit it and assign it to someone, and the person you assign it to will get the notification of it being re-assigned to them (of course they'll have to go look at the issue on the site to see its actual description).

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