Web browser issues (#1 - Firefox & Opera - Messages not updating) (BB-4530)

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Fabian Schmidt
created an issue

I've noticed that browsing my source code (git repos) in Firefox or Opera, I need to refresh the site to view the modified dates and the commit messages. Won't load them in the first place. The only browser I've proven to do it well is Internet Explorer.

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  1. Fabian Schmidt reporter

    Well alright, I'm going to be a bit more precise. When i hit the source button online in one of my repositories, I am able to view the file tree as normally and the file sizes are shown as usual. The column "Date modified" shows an ellipsis instead of a valid point in time behind every file, and the "Message" column is completely empty. This stays when I go into subdirectories of the repository.

    1. I can refresh the pages using F5, and it will show the little rotating gif that means it's looking up the commits, and after a second or so I can see the messages and the modification dates.

    2. I can also provoke this by viewing a file and going back one page in the browser history, usually hitting Alt+Left, and it will show the dates and messages.

    3. I can invoke this behavior by looking at the page I want to see the messages of, going back one page in history and forward again, and it will load the messages.

    4. If I have already viewed the same subdirectory of the same revision in one browser session, and did one of the three things aforementioned, I can return to this revision and this subdirectory and Firefox will still have the dates and messages in the cache and show them without loading once again.

    The messages/updates are just normal git commits. These are the only ways I have found that will make it work. I have attached a file to show you what it looks like on my computer before doing anything.

  2. Micha Wotton

    This also happens on Chrome 20.

    It looks like the breadcrumbs above the file browser pane, and the folder links within the file browser pane trigger AJAX requests. If the file browser pane is updated via an AJAX request, then the date modified and message are missing. If the whole page is refreshed or loaded, then the date and message are also loaded.

  3. Fabian Schmidt reporter

    As of a short crosscheck I can now also add Internet Explorer's Release Preview to the list of browsers here. Well, seems like you got all major browsers seeing this problem now. (Mac users, I'm not sorry xd)

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