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Issue #4228 resolved

Web browser issues (#2 - Firefox - Line number heights appear wrong) (BB-4504)

Fabian Schmidt
created an issue

I know this one might not quite be an issue of yours, but I can see source code line numbers go "out of sync" with the actual code when I scroll down a source file of more than a 100 lines of code. Internet Explorer 10.0.8400.0 Release Preview and Opera 12.0 display stuff correctly, so my guess is that this is an issue of Mozilla's. Firefox 13.0.1 once again.

Comments (4)

  1. Fabian Schmidt reporter

    Turns out that firefox has no problems with any other monospaced font than Courier New. I can force firefox to use consolas and it works great. Maybe put that in front of Courier New in the stylesheet?

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