Downloads not working on repositories with "." in their name

Issue #4235 invalid
Andrés Arana
created an issue

== Description ==

When you upload a repository download (on the repository -> downloads section or "r d" on web site) to a repository having the "." character on its name, you cannot download the file. The site hosting the actual downloadable file returns a forbidden http response when accessing the file.

== Steps to reproduce ==

Go to the website.

Create a git repository having a "." character in its name, such as "whatever.testing".

Go to the repository downloads sections.

Upload any file to the downloads. The new download will be created and available on the downloads list.

Click on the download link. You will see a "forbidden" error page.

== Remarks ==

Bitbucket does not have any kind of repository namespacing built in, so i bet many users implement their own namespacing schemas in the repository name. The "." character is very often used as a nest indicator, for example, in "carbon.concerto" or "carbon.accounts".

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