Members added to groups arent listed as team members (BB-4535)

Issue #4247 resolved
Veltec S/A
created an issue

When adding some users at new groups, they havent been listed as team members.

Only when added to default "Developers" or "Administrators" groups they are listed as team members.

This is probably related to group ids and the relationship with the team list was not built properly.

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    If you do not have at least "create" or "admin" access (the two checkboxes) to a Team, then you don't show up as a member. This was by design due to the possibility of creating a group like this with "none" access and then giving individual repositories access.

    This is useful in the case where a team may consist of users in a "contractors" group and you may not wish other members of the team/group to see all the members working on their individual projects.

    I'm going to raise this issue internally to see if this can be altered a bit to allow for showing members with "global" read/write access.

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