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Issue #4254 resolved

Annoying git push message (BB-4561)

Anonymous created an issue

Every time I push to a Bitbucket repository I get the message:

{{{ remote: bb/acl: <username> is allowed. accepted payload. }}}

This is all well and good, giving pointless feedback and all, but it doesn't respect git's "-q" flag. Using the "-q" flag when pushing should only cause terminal output on error/failure but when pushing to Bitbucket, this silly message always appears.

Is there no way to silence it or make it respect the "-q" flag?

For an idea of why this is not just nitpicking, consider this shell alias:

{{{ alias gpa='git push -q bitbucket master & git push -q bitbucket-competitor master &' }}}

Besides job control output, the only other output this produces is Bitbucket's silly message. If I open certain ncurses programs during said silly message, it interferes with the display.

"bitbucket-competitor" (GitHub®) doesn't do this.

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