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Issue #4256 wontfix

Give a link to make "child" issues (BB-4563)

Mike Pretzlaw
created an issue

Please give a link underneath a new issue that allows to add a issue that needs the current one to be resolved.

E.g. : You created issue "#1 persistence" and with that you can do other things or want to extend that in "#2 sql" or "#3 cache". So in that case a link underneath the issue (among "Actions") would be great to have (like: "Create accessory issue").

The new one could be automatically a one step lower priority for the same component, milestone and version. This will keep it intuitive and simple for end-users.

In addition a text could be added that just says "blocked by #..." or even is the beginning of an easy way to having issues blocking each other and keeping it simple and stupid.

Some very late extension could be to give a generated tree view of the issues.

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