BitbucketPatch object not available when loading changeset page through iframe (BB-4566)

Issue #4260 closed
Andrei Nicholson
created an issue

When using an iframe to load a changeset page the diff is not shown because of JavaScript errors. I'm using Git with VersionOne, an agile project management tool, and it uses iframes to display the changeset page from Bitbucket. The page from Bitbucket appears the same as when accessing it directly except there aren't any diffs shown.

Using Firebug, the following JavaScript errors are reported:

{{{ Permission denied to access property 'href' ...trigger("diff-load-end",[u]);u=k.split(h.DELIMITER);k=u[3].split(d.DELIMITER);u=... bundle.js (line 1106) }}}

{{{ BitbucketPatch is not defined new BitbucketPatch(diffs, deferred).render($compare); de6ca4...da2fba7 (line 805) }}}

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