A lot of issues automatically marked as spam (BB-4547)

Issue #4275 duplicate
Il'yaz Tagirov
created an issue

Since few days ago all issues on https://bitbucket.org/kazandaemon/ncx_server/issues?status=new&status=open automatically marks as spam. This is private issue tracker, so there is no reason for spam filter on it.

When issue or a comment on it is marked as spam, no notification sent to followers or admins of issue tracker. Notification were not sent even if comment marked as "not spam".

How to disable spam filter on private issue trackers? Why did it enabled on it?

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  1. Дмитрий

    The same thing with comments. Even my (admin's) comments are being marked as spam!

    Could you please at least make sure that project members comments and issues are not marked as spam?

  2. Anonymous

    Considering the vast number of spam comments that haven't been flagged, the filter might do better with an inverse operator somewhere.

    Seriously, a simple Google search will return hundreds of spam comments, most of them on site/master. Programming is hard, which is why you only employ people who can do it. An intern could have cleaned up the existing spam in 10% of the time that you've spent trying to invent the spam filter.

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