Display which cset is tip on the overview-page

Issue #428 resolved
Eirik Stavem
created an issue

[10:56am] djc: that works better, but something is off in the web interface

[10:56am] djc: it says "Shortlog (showing tip - r46:c173300358ed)"

[10:57am] djc: when the mq tip is actually the one I pasted before

[10:57am] jespern: it means tip -> r46, not that tip is r46

[10:57am] jespern: the bottom cset on that list is r46 :)

[10:57am] djc: ah

[10:58am] jespern: you're not the first one to get confused by that either

[10:58am] djc: maybe you can make it r70:8ab7c4f4b762 (tip) - r46:...

[10:58am] jespern: makes sense

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