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Issue #4299 wontfix

Filter issues by report date

Balázs Keresztury
created an issue

It would be nice if one could filter issues to a certain date interval, because we often use solved tickets/month as a measurement for performance

Comments (3)

  1. Marcus Bertrand [Atlassian] staff

    Balázs, our issue tracker is designed to be light weight. If you are looking for more complex queries or reporting and performance metrics, you may want to consider JIRA + Greenhopper for more heavy duty work with planning and reporting on work.

  2. Albert Bori

    Marcus Bertrand [Atlassian] That approach is walking a very thin line between up-selling another product and intentionally inconveniencing your client base. Date filtering is a very very very simple and common use for a simple issue tracker. "Light weight", even. Jira is definitely a nice issue tracker, but overkill for most simple projects.

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