Feature Request: Contributor Statistics (BB-4787)

Issue #4307 resolved
Kevin VanGelder
created an issue

Had an idea recently. Bitbucket should add a tab to each repo with Contributor Statistics. Number of lines of code, lines of code overwritten (usually either mistakes/bugs or inefficient), percentage of lines kept vs lines overwritten, number of commits, etc. Obviously this would be mostly informational as repo's are constantly in flux, but I want to know if my boss, my co-workers, or I wrote the most code in a given project.

Just thought it would be really cool, and not too difficult for Atlassian to add...

Official response

  • Matt Ryall staff

    Hi all,

    Thanks for all the votes and recent comments on this issue. It's clear from all the enthusiastic discussions here that people are looking to get more visibility into the way their teams work, in order to work smarter and better. This is something we want to help you do with Bitbucket.

    However, this ticket has grown into a monster over the years. Looking at the comments above, many people want wildly different things, or even very specific requests that wouldn't be widely applicable.

    The original request, for basic author-level contribution stats, is now well covered by the Awesome Charts for Bitbucket Cloud add-on, which is freely available to all Bitbucket users. You can install it as an individual, and immediately get statistics on any repository you have access to. I've just tried it out now, and as a development manager myself, can see that this meets many of the needs for a quick report about top contributors on a repository.

    The team behind this add-on at StiltSoft is also a great partner for Atlassian, and supports dozens of extensions across our product suite for thousands of customers. They have been responsive in fixing the timezone issue highlighted above in this thread, and I'm sure will help with any further requests to expand contributor reporting in Bitbucket.

    Based on this, we now consider this ticket resolved. There is now an easy way to meet the original requester's needs. There are also many many ways to get statistics from your Git or Mercurial repo for the more advanced, more specific use cases described above (LOC counts, etc).

    To the point that this is an add-on rather than a core feature - Bitbucket and Atlassian as a whole spends a huge amount of time enabling and encouraging our ecosystem to fill feature gaps in our products. This is because despite having large teams on Bitbucket and our other products, we still can't do everything. Not even close. So rather than rebuilding what StiltSoft has already done a good job on, we're going to focus our efforts elsewhere in the product.

    At the moment, we're busy improving Bitbucket Cloud in the following areas:

    • pull requests
    • code search
    • pipelines & deployments
    • design and user experience.

    Based on your interest in this issue, I'm sure you will have some ideas of how we can make these better, especially around how we can provide high level visibility/statistics on how your teams are working together.

    So we'd love to see tickets submitted with ways we can help you understand more about how your team works in these areas. Maybe you want to know the lag time between PR creation and merge. Or deployment frequency to production. We'll be looking for useful statistics like these we can add as part of these feature improvements, and would love your feedback on what would help your team the most.

    Thanks again for your continued use and passionate enthusiasm for Bitbucket. It's this energy that keeps us going, trying to build the world's best code collaboration tool for your teams.

    Matt and the Bitbucket team

Comments (599)

  1. fcabouat

    Just had the same idea. Not only to compare with co-workers, but also for one-man projects, to be able to track day-to-day productivity.

    So, +1

  2. ADesrosiers

    I agree, this would be really useful for determining how much developers contribute to a project and how active the project is at a given time. I hope they will add this feature in the future.

  3. Ville Saalo

    Yep, this would be great. :) In the past I have used StatSVN to create visual statistics of SVN repositories, so this could take ideas from there. I especially like the Developer stats there, and the Repo Heatmap is also a nice tool to play with. :)

  4. Sven Ginka

    Kevin VanGelder , so all the "+1"s are useless so far. From my point of view statistics is a very important thing to know where to put the focus. Bitbucket is a nice place to host projects, however others offer statistics. I'll put an eye on others and will see if it is worth a move over to another provider.

  5. Samuel Haddad

    It would also be nice if the user could choose to make statistics public even if you contributed to a private repo. You could show you are an active developer even though you might be working on a private project.

  6. Justen Stepka

    Official update:

    At this time we do not have an estimate for when this feature will be implemented. Our focus for the short to medium term, will be to provide SSO and better user management with our OnDemand JIRA and Confluence products. I would estimate that the SSO integration and bi-directional oAuth integration between Bitbucket / JIRA / Confluence / Bamboo will take us into 2014, at which time we will re-evaluate this decision.

    Cheers, Justen -- Bitbucket product manager

  7. Gabriel Gohier-Roy

    This is the only thing missing about BitBucket that has made me think more than once about switching to GitHub. I love the free private repos, but I just wish it had all those bells and whistles, as well as the social aspects that make GitHub so much fun to use! I think this would inevitably bring more traffic to the service.

  8. Chesley Brown

    Can people just "Vote" for the issue instead of just adding "+1" comments? I imagine they are more focused on up voted feature requests than looking for "+1" comments...

  9. Lucas Cavalcante

    I agree with your Chesley. Some people receive e-mail updates when an issue is commented. Maybe we should look for more constructing comments and use the Vote feature for "+1"

  10. Doug Freed

    If it helps provide some design ideas for the Bitbucket team, a friend of mine reverse-engineered the soup that is the Javascript that generates the Github stats graphs and using the data from their API, made his own graphs as SVGs:


    See this repo for the code that parses out the data points for making the charts:


    It'd probably be worthwhile to use the same mathematical algorithm if you're going to use a similar graph approach, so that us Bitbucket users can compare ourselves to Github users to show them how much better we are :P

  11. Konstantinos Psychas

    For one more time: *If you don't have anything useful to say about the issue, do NOT post!*

    Vote for the issue at the top. This is currently the highest voted issue by the way so if you can't find where to vote, it won't make a difference. There are 200+ people that receive email updates about it and don't want to see +1 every day. I'm wasting their time too right now...

  12. Konstantinos Psychas

    I asked because I didn't notice any increase in the number of votes the last 3 hours. I guess you voted long before you wrote +1. '+1' is not a vote. Votes are on the top of the page. The issue by the way is characterized as minor but I hope they will work on it soon

  13. Alberto Perales Beltrán

    # 2323: Create a way to group repositories / projects by tags, folders or labels (BB-1086) -> 777 votes, created 2010-12-06 and major priority

    # 4307: Feature Request: Contributor Statistics (BB-4787) -> 711 votes, created 2012-07-05 and minor priority

    This way of prioritizing the requests of the community, it makes little sense to me.

    And please everyone who commented with a "+1" is more effective vote, although it seems that they are not taking into account


  14. Alex Corn

    @Afner Perales It makes sense to me. Categorizing repos creates better organization and makes the site easier to use. It gets downright bulky when you have about 20 repos to manage. Contributor statistics are a convenience that would be nice to have, but at the end of the day they're a low priority.

  15. abhishekrm

    Great idea! This is supposed to work only on public profiles obviously. Even if a user has private repos, the overall amount of commits he does, and how active is he on bitbucket really, should be present on the profile page. This comes in handy when we need to check contribution done by others on a project or when we showcase our profile somewhere else. It'd be nice to have this feature. The feature could be something similar to that present in Github already!​

  16. Ricardo Fiorani

    Thanks to the bunch of as*les that instead of voting it up on the right side menu, comments "+1" in here and keeps spamming my email... now I'll have to unwatch this and never know if this feature will be available soon. Thank you.

  17. asl97

    @Ricardo Fiorani calling everyone asles isn't the solution, you just become part of the problem, everyone that is watching get a email about you calling them asles which is no different than those +1 but those +1 bump the issue so it's a good thing while you calling everyone as*les is just plain old rude

    be part of the solution by setting up rules in your email to move them to a different folder and automatically mark them as read or just delete them using the rules and not part be of the problem

  18. Paul

    The fact that this hasn't been added yet after all these years saddens me. It reminds me of a few other things that bitbucket has mostly ignored over the years.

  19. Jochen Reinschlüssel

    I am currently looking into all git-related stuff and after all reduced my selection to bitbucket as well as github. Graphs are a thing thats really missing on bitbucket, but I'd like to keep this because of private repos - so please: give it a chance an add graphs!

  20. zac morris

    These statistics would be meaningless. They would measure how much typing was done, not functionality delivered. It's the code you don't have to write because of good design that provides the most value to a project, not how much typing you did.

  21. Michael Hamilton

    Zac: You can also see how many lines were removed (indicating efficient re-factoring) and how many original lines remain unchanged since they were written (indicating stability).

    But largely yeah, it's not a useful metric for functionality delivered. It is a good measurement of code stability and project scale. More code is more work to maintain, and while you can quibble about the difference between a 400 line and a 1200 line project, it is useful to see a 1000 line vs a 10,000 vs a 50,000 project grow.

  22. balazsh

    I'm only 3-5 days watching this issue, but i'm already annoyed with people 'crying' about this. Please notice, that this issue is not a bug, neither a major issue. It's a simple proposal / enchancment - which is related only to statistics...

    I haven't seen any project going ahead just because you have statistics on contributors. But already experienced the opposite: tons of hour wasted on statistics, meetings...

    So PLEASE push simply the VOTE button, and DON'T LEAVE messages with no really content - like +1 Thank you.

  23. Alex Gray

    @eq_pe That is pretty harsh and unproductive. There are workarounds to get most, if not all of this information. See above comments, like "You could clone the repo and use gitinspector (or some similar tool) to examine it.", which has worked fine for me. Or you could roll your own code via BitBucket's API's. My sarcasm radar may not be working, but our company has used BitBucket with almost no issues at all.

  24. Rolando Lora

    Guys, don't fight, remember we remain here not only for this feature request but to be part of the issue 4307 community. Watching sporadic +1s and people getting angry for it. We'll love BitBucket ;)

  25. eq_pe

    @Alex_Gray I must stand by my original assertion. Their complete disregard to user requests is unacceptable. I've come to this thread from the 2 factor authentication which is even lower on the list of requests, and from technical stand point requires trivial amount of time to implement.

    The fact that they don't bother implementing these features speaks volumes about their management and individual drives of their engineers.

    They promised progress on these features and never delivered, and did not communicate any updates.

  26. Ross Smith

    @Alexander Riggs: Exactly. I've given up hope that BB wants to help customers in any capacity. With their customer service I cannot in good faith recommend BB to any colleagues. In the future I'll turn to GitHub, whose customer service is solid and whose involvement with the community is quite visible.

  27. Alberto Perales Beltrán

    I'm sure the BB team can do their job very well, but I can't understand that no action is taken to listen to the demands of your user community. However many users love this company, among whom I include myself. I even bought the t-shirt commemorating the milestone of reaching the figure of 1M users. But the perception I have of BB today, is very different :(

  28. Graham TerMarsch

    @Igor Stepanov / @Balazs Nadasdi - Is very disappointing. Open feature request that's over 2yrs old with 1200+ votes, and there's no indication of any progress on it from Atlassian.

    As for those who say "Oh, just go run git-stats yourself, its easy"... that's what makes this even more disappointing... considering that there already is a tool to gather/collect much of that info, its not like Atlassian has to build all of this from scratch, so why haven't they added it in?

    Its damn tempting to set up a second remote so that I can not only push changes up to BitBucket, but then also push a copy of it all over to GitHub/GitLab so that I can get some easy reports out of it. But gee... if I do that, then WhyTF are we keeping a copy of it at BitBucket. :o

  29. David Miraut

    In view of the Community's interest in this feature, perhaps Atlassian developers could consider to add it only in paid plans. So, its develoment and the server overhead could be amortized :-?

  30. Graham TerMarsch

    Lets see... "Issues -> Open -> Order by Votes, descending"... screen capture top five Issues.

    Gee... this is not only the top voted Open issue for BitBucket, but is well ahead of anything not in the top three (by number of votes). Almost 3x as many votes as the #5 most voted issue.

    Atlassian... ya think this tells ya something about how useful/important a feature your Users think it is? And hey... if you're not going to do anything with the top-voted issues, be honest about it and just turn voting off, or close the ticket as "won't fix". Not providing any feedback just leaves us to think you simply do not care about your Users and paying customers.


  31. MustaphaF

    Of course Atlassian is aware of that feature...

    It's just a matter of business plan,

    such feature is probably available on Git Essentials product or Jira, bit bucket doesn't aim the same goal... and that would make bitucket a competitor of other products of the same company... which is not great for business right ?

    But, it'could be at least a paying option for that. I think a lot of people would buy it.

  32. Gav Allan

    Coming from a company that used GH to one that uses BitBucket feels like a really backwards step due to the lack of these kind of features.

    If we even had a definitive answer about what was happening here then that would help. Just tell us what plan there is.

    I find it impossible to believe that Atlassian is unaware of this thread so their silence speaks volumes. </rant>

  33. Ross Smith

    I'm not holding out any hope for anything I want to ever be incorporated into bitbucket. On the New Features page, they list only 3 features in the web interface completed for the entire year of 2014.

    Good thing bitbucket isn't the only game in town (although they sure operate like they are).

  34. Lukas Welte

    It's just ridiculous that there isn't even an answer by Atlasssian to a 2,5 year old issue that is by far the most voted one.

    Even if their strategy would not include this issue, it would be a relief to actually know what is in their mind.

  35. Graham TerMarsch

    @durazell ... that's part of why I'm pissed about not having this feature. I am working on a paid/private project.

    Makes me wonder WhyTF I'm letting my own management continue to pay for Atlassian OnDemand... my entire team gripes about it weekly, and with (lack of) answers like we're getting here from Atlassian its not like I have anything that I can take back to my team (or my management) to explain why we're continuing to pay for these services.

  36. Raimana Lowgreen

    Most voted feature request, almost 3 years old and not a single answer from Atlassian (not even a negative one)... Seriously, can someone from Atlassian say something!?!?

    And don't tell me to use git-stats or similar - of course I could but - is your car dealer telling you to install your own tachometer or listen to your engine noise to figure out the RPM...

  37. Anonymous

    How bloody useless is Atlasssian if they can't even just come up with SOMETHING? Just a stupid graph would be a start.

    Yet NOTHING. unbelievable.

  38. Dennis

    Hi there,

    First of all, I'd like to apologize for the lack of responses from Atlassian on this issue. We acknowledge that this has been unanswered for a while and we will be giving more updates on a regular basis. Believe it or not, we have been following this as well as all other top-voted issues, and have had numerous discussions about it. It's currently not on our roadmap, not because we never intend to do it, but simply because we've got some other big projects in the works ahead of this one.

    Managing priorities is always a balancing act. Certainly user votes do carry a lot of weight, which is part of the reason we're working on #516 (another highly-voted issue), for example. Rest assured that we are paying attention, and if/when we start working on this feature those watching this issue will be the first to know! If you have any additional questions, please respond to this issue.


    Dennis Kromhout van der Meer, Bitbucket PM

  39. PepeAmpere

    I knew once comics is added in discussion it encourage BB to answer ^^. Btw If would be on BB place, I wouldnt work on it, too. It is out of the profile of the Altassian services/products.

  40. Tri Nguyen

    Please do not comment a "+1". Use the vote feature instead. Commenting here spams everyone who's subscribed to the issue for more serious comments/ updates. I know I'm sorta breaking the rule by saying this, but I felt like it was needed to be said.

  41. asl97

    to all who keep complaining about +1, seriously, how hard is it to add a filter to your email client to ether mark mail from this issue as read or move it to a special folder or auto-delete it as soon as it enter the inbox?

    if we get one hundred plus +1 per day, then the developers of bitbucket might get it too and stop ignoring this issue.

  42. Cristian Beskid

    @asl97 some are viewing the issues in the browser, not in any mail client and the "+1" are only obfuscating any useful comments users might have to add. voting for the issue instead of spamming the thread might actually help solving issues much faster. i personally would expect at least that much logical reasoning from other developers

  43. Lochlan McIntosh

    Talking about spamming the thread is another form of spamming the thread. (Including this post.) The ad hominem implication that the +1ers are not using "logical reasoning" isn't helpful either.

    Just scroll past the comments you don't want to read. We already know this feature isn't even on the BB roadmap, so I think we can safely assume that there's no fix coming in the foreseeable future. /unsubscribe

  44. Gav Allan

    Atlassian finally responded with "we might". They are however working on another high voted issue (487 votes, this one has 1539) that was initially raised in February 2009.

    This request was raised in July 2012. So all we have to do is wait another three and a half years for this to be worked on.

    I'm going to stop watching this thread, there's no point, this isn't going to happen within a time-scale that's useful for me.

  45. PepeAmpere

    @gav-allan "this one has 1539"... which payed Altassian something like 0 $ total for developing it. Altassian is not a charity and this is not voting competition. Once it doesnt fit their portfolio (and it really doesnt) and once they would make it for free, why the hell they should care about it? So pls keep you acid comments in your mouth.

  46. Gav Allan

    @PepeAmpere We pay Atlassian a decent monthly fee for BitBucket usage as we are a large organisation, so no charity implications there. We are actually a fairly major customer of their various products. My comment was more exasperation than acidic, unlike yours.

    My comment was more about how Atlassian, on this topic, seemed to be coming across as not listening to their customers, which as you say they have every right to do. I personally don't think it's in their interests.

    Interesting that you think these tools don't fit their portfolio, I would have to disagree. Developer productivity is surely one of the key tenets of what Atlassian are all about. It certainly appears in their competitors portfolio.

  47. Kevin Farley

    @gav-allan +1 Our whole industry is about performance measurement, it's only natural that this extend to measuring ourselves to track improvement / regression.

  48. Daniel Eloff

    GitHub API offers contributor stats. I signed up for a paid plan based mostly on that. Judging by other comments here, this is a heavily requested feature and something a lot of people (including myself) would pay for. Why Atlassian doesn't see this as higher priority is strange to me.

  49. Rikard Herlitz

    2.5 years later, nothing....the slow development together with slow response times of the servers are making us do the switch to github, even if their pricing model doesnt fit us as well as bitbuckets