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Issue #4308 resolved

Wrong repository size on overview page after using 'hg convert' (BB-4797)

Pavel Nezhencev
created an issue

Hi. I'm Paul. Was cleaning up our repo on Bitbucket from old files and .dlls.

I've done 'hg convert' and reduced size of our repository from 45 MB to 1.5 MB and pushed new repo to Bitbucket, updating existing one (hg push --force). After that, I went to 'Admin' - 'Strip changesets', and deleted old repository completely.

Now, if I close our updated repo, I will really download only those 1.5 MB from Bitbucket - no joke. But on the repo overview page there is still that old huge number, even bigger - 47.5 MB.

I think it will scare people wrongfully O_0

Go to our repo (https://bitbucket.org/alex_razv/selfrenderedcontrol) to reproduce the issue.

Also, I attached a couple of screenshots: size of repo in Bitbucket UI and actual size of downloaded '.hg' folder.

Comments (5)

  1. Marcus Bertrand staff
    • changed status to open

    This looks like a possible regression. I'll open a new issue to ensure we are again calculating this properly. In the mean time, I can remove the strip-backup for you. Please send an email directly to support@bitbucket.org and we'll sort the rest via a support issue.

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