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Issue #4315 resolved

Cancel signing in with OpenID = unmodified/unstyled generic template/page (BB-4798)

Jeffrey Hyer
created an issue

When you click an OpenID provider to sign in with from the Account -> OpenID section and then click "Cancel" on the provider page it returns to a generic template page located here:


Tested using Google as the OpenID provider. I was already signed in to Google (so I just needed to confirm using my Google account as the OpenID provider) and I clicked "Cancel" to abort the process.

Comments (4)

  1. Jeffrey Hyer reporter

    Sure no problem,

    It's also worth noting, that when using Google as the OpenID provider and you have multiple accounts managed with Google you must select an account/email to use with the OpenID service before you will see the Cancel button.

    The second screenshot is the page you are redirected back to from the provider's site after clicking cancel.

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