Issues and comments are marked as spam in very unusual way (BB-4547)

Issue #4322 resolved
Roman Dushkin
created an issue

I am an owner and administrator on my project, but when I create an issue or write a comment on them, the issues or comments are often marked as spam. Who can really guess that an owner/administrator of the project will spam in it?

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff
    • changed status to open

    Our spam prevention tries to be very strict. Sadly, there are a very high number of spammers in the world who post spam in Russian, resulting in spam prevention techniques having many more "false-positives" for posts containing Russian language characters. We are working on ways to lessen this issue, but it will take numerous fixes.

  2. Alexey Strelkov

    Well, all my tickets are in Russian and all of them are being marked as spam, that is very uncomfortable, actually. And the most ridiculous thing is that my repos are private. Could you please just disable spam checks for private repositories as a temporary workaround? Thanks.

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