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Issue #4326 invalid

Can't edit an issue

Alexandre Mathieu
created an issue

How to reproduce : 1. Create an issue 2. Click on edit button -> nothing happens

Expected results : should be able to edit the issue

Additional information : There are javascripts error when loading the page

Attached : Screenshots showing the buggy page and the js errors

Comments (2)

  1. Marcus Bertrand [Atlassian] staff

    You're running into an issue using the Chrome dev channel build. While we don't support non-production ready versions of Chrome, we are aware of the upcoming issue that will affect production users and will have a fix in place for it soon.

  2. Alexandre Mathieu reporter

    Thank you for your reply,

    The issue seems to be solved (even in chrome canary). Next time I face an issue, I will be sure to double check with a production version of safari or chrome

    Have a good day :)

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