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Issue #4338 resolved

Create issue links to custom bug tracker

created an issue

It would be very awesome, if there would be an option to link to a custom(meaning intern hosted) issue-tracker or information system instead of the default bitbucket issue tracker.

Now: '#'2 links to https://bitbucket.org/{:username}/NETAssetManagerCLI/issue/:issueID/:issueName

I propose to add a option to define a custom target for issue-marks('#') in commit-messages

After change:


'#'2 links to https://bitbucket.org/:username/:repoName/issue/:issueID/:issueName

But changeable to something like this:


Having the following placeholders available: :repoName :userName(User/Team owning the repo) :issueID (Number after the hash) :changeset (Changeset the link comes from)

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