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Urgently needs a SOURCE link on the commit screen (BB-4863)

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I really love Bitbucket, but there is one major issue I'm having with the online website. You can browse the commit with a revision code, which isn't simply 1-6 but some annoying hash. I sometimes need to browse the code so I look at the commits screen, and have to manually copy that code, go to the source tab, paste that code so I can finally browse it. Can we please get a SOURCE link on the commit screen (overview + detailed view)?

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  1. Phyxion reporter

    No, that's not what I mean. I know that when I click on the revision hash I get to the details of the commit, I want an additional link to the "Source" page with that specific revision. The current way is too complicated and takes too much time. I would like to have this link on the commit overview and on the details of the commit so it makes it a lot easier for me to go to that specific source revision.

  2. Genetai

    This would be nice, sometimes it is useful to see an old implementation from a previous revision and it is now a bit cumbersome to go to the source of an old revision.

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