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Issue #4360 resolved

Issue page should list commits referring to it (BB-4864)

Brendon Rapp
created an issue

Commit messages that include an issue number automatically have that issue number turned into a link to the issue.

However, the issue pages themselves have no indication that a commit is referring to them - ie. there's no traversal in the other direction, from issue to referring commit.

It would be ideal if there were a "Referring Commits" section added to the issue page, linking to the commits referring to that particular issue.

As it stands now, I manually paste the truncated commit hash into a comment to create a link from an issue to a related commit, but it would be nice if this were not necessary. It would be great to have a bi-directional linking relationship established solely from referencing the issue number in the commit message.

Comments (7)

  1. Pete Wood

    I've been searching for this type functionality here on bitbucket for about an hour this morning. I just moved my repositories from github to bitbucket and this is a feature that I miss. I would love to see this added.

  2. Florian Goessler

    Are you sure that your desired functionality is not provided by Bitbucket?

    I'm using the integrated issue tracker and when i commit something with a message like " ref #123 i've done something ", bitbucket links the "#123" to the issue in my issue tracker and in my issue tracker the issue has a new comment like

    ref #123 i've done something → <<link to the commit>>

    You can also have similar functionality when linking your project with other issue trackers like PivotalTracker or JIRA.

    See this page for more info: https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/BITBUCKET/Setting+Up+the+Issues+Service

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